Precision Sheet metal Stamping

A Modern Precision Sheet Metal Stamping Technique

Metal stamping has evolved over the years, from the invention of the first stamping press in 1769 to the modern, computer-based technology that enables high-precision sheet metal stamping with perfect accuracy and repeatability. 

Although many methods still exist, technology-driven precision metal stamping has proven itself the superior method: 

How Precision Sheet Metal Stamping Works 

This modern stamping process uses machines fitted with dies to produce custom parts with tight tolerances. Whether the output requires a single-stage operation or a series of steps, precision metal stamping allows room for design flexibility and customizable parts— no matter how intricate the request. 

Like any present-day manufacturing technique, technology plays a huge role in custom sheet metal stamping. The process can be easily automated to incorporate value-added secondary services into the die or press, including in-die welding or automatic nut insertion.  This increases the value and efficiency of the procedure. 

Precision Parts for Demanding Industries 

Because of their precision, quality and efficient production, precision sheet metal stamping services produce parts for the most demanding industries. Aerospace, medical, military and manufacturing are just some of the fields that incorporate precision stamped metal parts. 

Each of these industries’ production standards is extremely high— any slight malfunction can lead to disasterous results. That’s why any parts created for them must hold tight tolerances and meet strict quality standards. 

A Metal Stamping Company That Exceeds Expectations 

Prototype American Wire offers superior custom sheet metal stamping services. Our state-of-the-art technology coupled with unparalleled experience in the industry allows us to transform sheet metal into customizable, cost-efficient, high-performance parts for any demand. 

Quality control is key to our success as a metal stamping company— we use advanced video comparators for close-tolerance inspection so that we can check dimensions down to five decimal places. 

We’re experts in precision metal stampings and prototypes and are able to provide whatever manufacturing solutions your business needs. Request a quote for your next project. 



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