Production & Prototype Metal Stamping Applications

Prototype & Short-Run Services’ prototyping and custom metal stamping processes have countless applications across many industries. As we continue to grow our customer base, we’re finding new and groundbreaking ways to create innovative products capable of revolutionizing the marketplace. We have the expertise and the technology to fabricate precision parts for use in a broad spectrum of professional fields. Common applications include custom assemblies, connectors, wire forms, precision springs, clip springs, flat springs, metal washers, brackets, and shims for custom metal stamping projects.

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., has broadened the use of metal prototyping and short-run metal stampings by employing a variety of materials and a range of thicknesses. Our CNC hydraulic punch presses can produce precision parts from a range of metals measuring between 0.001” to 0.200” thick. That same advanced machinery can carry out ultra-precision punching, coining, extruding, and lancing.

We have the prototype metal stamping and production capabilities to meet your quantity needs, no matter how large or small. Prototype & Short-Run Services can produce one part or thousands of parts—pre-production runs before completion of hard tooling have been as high as 250,000 pieces.

Call on Prototype & Short-Run Services to create the single wire form or one flat spring you need, just as you would have us manufacture large batches of springs or metal brackets. We are well versed in custom metal stamping and versatile enough to meet the needs of companies in myriad industries, from electronics to medicine to aerospace. As businesses grow with innovation, new possibilities continue to emerge.

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