Custom Metal Stamping & Prototyping Capabilities

Our Capabilities: Prototyping & Custom Metal Stamping Services

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., has broad capabilities for custom metal stamping and prototyping. We build complete to the blueprint and create complete parts from concept to mass production. We work with all metals and materials and can manufacture parts in thicknesses from 0.001” to 0.200”.

The old saying holds true at Prototype & Short-Run Services: “No job is too big or too small.” When it comes to custom metal stamping, we can create one part or thousands of parts, as your project requires. In pre-production runs, before the completion of hard-tooling, quantities have been as high as 250,000 parts.

Industries served to include:

Custom Metal Stamping Materials, Process, and Finishing Options

The state-of-the-art equipment and expertise of the staff at Prototype & Short-Run Services enable us to create prototype stampings in a range of different materials and thicknesses. We commonly work with beryllium copper, aluminum, nickel alloys, copper, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, titanium, Kovar, 17-7 PH, carbon steel, brass, Micarta, and more. We can also work with a variety of other alloys as customers require.

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., has turned out parts as thin as 0.0008” (0.021 mm) and as thick as 0.2” (5.08 mm). Our CNC hydraulic punch presses can produce precision parts from any metal from 0.001” to 0.125” thick. This equipment also allows us to provide ultra-precision punching, coining, extruding and lancing.

Our capabilities do not end there. We also offer a number of additional processes to complement our metal stamping services. Turn to us for expert engineering and design assistance. An important part of the manufacturing process also includes thorough quality control inspection. We offer numerous delivery options to get you your custom metal stampings on your schedule.

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