metal stampings

Commercial Aircraft Metal Stampings

Metal stampings are used in just about every single mechanical device that you can think of.  Brackets, clips, springs, gaskets, shims, shields, liners and on and on – metal stampings are very popular to solve design issues and mechanical needs for design engineers.

One key category that is critical for all of  us is commercial aircraft.  You know – Southwest Air, Delta,  American, Alaska and many more are near and dear to our hearts. Isn’t nice to know that metal parts are all over the jet airplane that you’re flying in?  No plastic here when metal is called for. Maybe plastic has replaced many parts in consumer products and toys, but no substituting plastic allowed here.  Probably the most popular metal is aluminum and its many alloys – 6061 and 7075 in T-6 tempers are very strong to their weights.  

WHY use aluminum for metal stampings??? 

Because it’s truly amazing!  Weighing in at 1/3 the weight of stainless steels it’s perfect for airplanes flying where you want to keep the weight of the airplane as light as possible.  The lighter the plane the better the fuel mileage and with gas prices these days the airlines like taking out their wallets out about as much as you and I do!

Like many metals, pure aluminum is not very strong.  It must be alloyed with different elements like magnesium for strength and toughness.  And many of the aircraft alloys are heat treatable.  That means that you can stamp out the shape, form them and send them to the local aluminum heat treat company to make them strong, tough and durable enough to fly through the skies.  Many of the parts that we make go into jets for their connectors, batteries, control panels, switches. shielding and components.  If airplanes trust us then just think what we can do for you!!!



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