Equipment List

At Prototype & Short-run Services, we are able to complete projects efficiently all under one roof thanks to our expansive list of equipment. To learn more about our equipment and capabilities, contact us or read on.


Schmidt Presses & Others

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  • 2 Schmidt H-Frame Presses: For assembling, riveting, crimping, marking and more. A pressure transducer determines the force with force/stroke monitored presses.
  • 26 Schmidt Pneumatic Toggle Press: This toggle press offers high force with a short stroke. For dismantling, deforming, crimping, riveting, numbering and much more.
  • 2 Bench Toggle Presses: Toggle presses exert their maximum energy at the end of the stroke. They consume little energy, making them a cost-effective manufacturing solution. Toggle presses are commonly used for riveting, gluing, stamping and punching.
  • Clausing Drill Press: The Clausing drill press offers variable speeds, ranging from 150 to 2000 rpm. It allows us to drill holes of any size with high precision.
  • Do-All Drill Presses: The Do-All drill press lives up to its name by offering a wide range of features.
  • Baltec CNC – Controlled Punch Press: Punch presses enable us to make holes with precision and efficiency.

Routers, Grinders, and Mills

  • Datron CNC Router: With a 60,000 RPM, high-frequency spindle, the Dalton CNC router is capable of micro hole drilling, machining, industrial engraving and aluminum machining at high speeds.
  • 2 Acra Vertical Mills: Acra is a reputable manufacturer of vertical mills and has been producing reliable machinery for more than 25 years. We use Acra vertical mills for light-duty jobs.
  • Chevalier Vertical Mill: This 5-axis vertical machining center is extremely versatile. It allows us to achieve high accuracy without expending a great deal of time or energy. With a full complement of accessories, the Chevalier vertical mill enables us to complete any job, no matter how complex.
Prototype equipment Datron
  • ProtoTrak CNC Mill: Featuring a wide range of capabilities, from thread milling to bolt hole drilling, the ProtoTrak CNC Mill is a powerful tool that helps us offer versatility to our clients.
  • Yang Machines Lathe: Yang Machine Tools is renowned for its high-performance CNC lathes. Our lathe offers accuracy and impressive speeds.
  • 3 Boyer Schultz 6-12 Grinders: This rugged precision machine tool is a workhorse that manufacturers have depended on for decades. The spindles maintain a speed of 10,000 RPM, which helps to cut down on lead times. This grinder is highly efficient in grinding contours and die clearances.
  • 2 Chevalier 6-18 Grinders: Chevalier’s high-quality grinders are capable of performing a broad spectrum of grind types, including plunge, surface, side, pitch, profile, form, index, and creepfeed. A force-flood coolant prevents workpiece distortion.

Other Technology

  • Arex 10 Laser Marking System: We use the Arex 10 Laser Marking System for high-speed marking on plastic and metal. Because this machine is quick and efficient, it allows us to add crucial markings without adding to overall production time.
  • Tiyoda Part Vacuum Degreaser: Thanks to our part vacuum degreaser, we’re able to ensure that every part we make is grease-, wax- and oil-free. It can clean just about any material and prepare the surface for secondary operation like welding.

MBA Sandblaster

  • Do-All Band Saw and Blade Welder: For strong welds with high flexibility and tensile strength, we use the Do-All Band Saw and Blade Welder. This technology allows us to produce durable, consistent welds.
  • 250 Dual Pulse Spot Welder: We are able to complete spot welds quickly and efficiently with the 250 Dual Pulse Spot Welder.
  • Houdaille Precision Shear
  • 2 Kaeser Screw Drive Air Compressors: These air compressors are efficient and reliable. They help us keep our energy costs down, and require little maintenance, allowing is to focus on other things.
Prototype equipment P9A8505

Quality Control

Quality control is a key component to our success at Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. We use state-of-the-art video comparators for close-tolerance inspection. Our process enables us to check dimensions down to five decimal places. SPC is also available upon request.

  • Deltronic Video Comparator: Our Quality Control team relies on video comparators from Deltonic to ensure that every part we produce is flawless.
  • Starrett HD400 Optical Comparator: Starrett Optical Comparators feature precision optics that allow us to make thorough, non-contact inspections of your workpieces. This equipment is an essential part of our quality control process.
  • Baty Gage Optical Comparator: The Baty Gage Optical Comparator also helps us maintain a high level of quality control in our facility.
  • Scherr-Tumico 12″ 9700 Video CMM: This video inspection system allows our team to examine parts with absolute accuracy and ensure quality control – every time.
Prototype equipment 7807
  • Assorted Calibrated gages, blocks, micrometers, height gages: Keeping these things on hand means we always have the tools we need to make sure every part that leaves our facility is top quality.
  • STI Video Comparators: This powerful inspection tool is an integral part of our quality control process.
  • Keyence Imaging Machine: This tool makes it possible to perform quality control inspections instantaneously with a high degree of accuracy.

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