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How Precision-Stamped Metal Parts Are Made

Precision-stamped metal parts are made for virtually every industry, designed as customizable, complex components with tight tolerances. There are endless advantages to this technique, including cost-efficiency, low waste, high quality and accuracy, and a simplified automated process that enables rapid production. 

But how exactly does precision metal stamping work? Although advanced technology has streamlined the process, the procedure is quite complex. 

How Precision-Stamped Metal Parts Are Made 

The process usually begins with computer modeling, mapping out the stampings in a simulation to check for any errors or defects. Once the part is perfected electronically, the physical manufacturing takes place. 

A stamping press fitted with a custom tool and die set exerts pressure on the workpiece, forcing the material to conform to the specialized shape. Multiple pieces are being cut together, allowing faster production without sacrificing quality or accuracy.  

The highly automated process has been perfected to an art, merging state-of-the-art equipment with expert technicians to produce precise, customized metal parts for even the most demanding applications and industries

Advantages of Precision Metal Stamping 

Precision metal stamping is a valued metal forming process, offering a variety of advantages over other methods. The procedure is made for high-volume production, producing parts quickly and accurately— as production levels increase, labor costs decrease, making it cost-effective. Precision-stamped metal parts also produce less scrap material than other metal-forming processes. 

The highly automated process can also incorporate value-added secondary services into the die or press, including in-die tapping or welding and automatic nut insertion, which increases the overall value of the part. 

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Prototype & Short-Run metal stamping services specialize in creating ultra-precise parts using cutting-edge machinery manned by technicians with unsurpassed skill and experience in the field. Our broad capabilities for custom metal stamping and prototyping serve industries from aerospace to electronics and everything in between. 

Our prototyping capabilities give us the ability to perfect specifications and eliminate errors before the final product is produced so that we can create precision-stamped metal parts that offer unparalleled quality, flexibility and cost-efficiency to meet any demand. 

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