Wire EDM Services

How Wire EDM Services Are Used to Create Intricate Parts

Wire EDM services are integral across a variety of technology-based industries, offering unmatched precision, intricacy, accuracy and durability. State-of-the-art equipment and advanced programming have enabled mass production of even the smallest parts, with perfect accuracy and repeatability. 

No matter how demanding the project, using wire EDM machining services are likely your best bet— here’s how it works: 

How Wire EDM Works

A thin, electrically charged EDM wire is held between upper and lower mechanical guides to form one electrode, while the material being cut forms the second electrode. The electrical discharge between the wire and workpiece creates sparks that rapidly cut away material, leaving a negative imprint on the workpiece— like pressing into a soft material. 

The workpiece and wire are then submerged into deionized water, flushing away cutting debris. There are no cutting forces involved, as the charged wire never physically contacts with the workpiece— this enables the production of tiny, delicate parts with no additional production.

Wire electrical discharge machining works on any hard or soft conductive materials, maintaining perfect precision without damaging or compromising the final product. 

Advantages of Wire EDM 

EDM machining offers unmatched benefits when compared to other manufacturing methods. Precision and intricacy are no hindrance when it comes to wire EDM— it’s capable of making cuts that match designs within ± 0.0001” with perfect repeatability. 

Since the process is highly accurate and perfected to an art, shorter lead times and less setup time enables a significantly faster prototyping to production process, without sacrificing quality. The structure of EDM machining also enables accurate internal cuts, fine hole drilling and cutting long tapers that other methods cannot produce. 

The Best Wire EDM Services  

American Wire EDM is an industry-leading EDM company, utilizing 35 years of experience to produce the most efficient and accurate EDM wire cutting services. 

Our state-of-the-art, CNC-operated equipment allows the rapid production of precision parts and components to match any design specifications with unmatched accuracy— no matter how demanding the piece. 

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