Wire EDM For CNC Machine Shops

CNC shops use wire EDM machining to produce a wide array of parts, ranging from very small parts for medical devices to engine turbine blades for commercial jets. Adding EDM technology can turn a specialty CNC shop into a full-service facility, but the high cost of EDM machines often make this cost-prohibitive. At American Wire EDM, we use EDM wire cutting and EDM hole drilling machines to fulfill the needs of CNC machine shops with specific and strict demands.

CNC machine shops

What is CNC Machining?

“CNC” stands for Computer Numerical Control. It is a technology that replaces manual control with computer commands. Because there is no limit to the type of commands that can be programmed into a computer, CNC machining is incredibly versatile. CNC machining was initially developed in the 1940s and has since evolved into a manufacturing powerhouse.

Computer Numerical Control can be used to control a broad range of technologies, including Wire Electrical Discharge Machining. Manufacturers all over the world use CNC machining to create high-quality products.

Wire EDM for CNC Shops

EDM is often used to cut complex shapes and yields an impressive degree of dimensional accuracy, which means manufacturers can create parts that closely match their designs, no matter how intricate. CNC shops use EDM to cut materials such as alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, steel spring steel and titanium.

EDM machining eliminates the need to apply heat before cutting materials such as steel or bronze, which makes the manufacturing process more energy efficient. Because it uses electrical discharge to cut material, wire EDM only works with materials that conduct electricity. Therefore, CNC shops rely on other machining options for materials that are not electrically conductive. Conversely, machine shops that rely on techniques that require heat application to cut steel often outsource EDM machining to facilities like ours.

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