Wire EDM machining

The Advantages of Using Wire EDM Machining

Wire EDM machining is a process that passes an electric current between an electrode and a workpiece that are separated by a dielectric liquid. The spark discharge then vaporizes the material to machine the desired part. 

This method provides detailed cutting and shaping for every workpiece manufactured, offering unparalleled specificity and accuracy for any project requirements. 

The Advantages of Wire EDM Machining 

EDM machining holds the advantage over conventional methods, offering high-performance, computer-automated production that enables perfect accuracy, efficiency and repeatability for every manufactured part.

This advanced technique requires no direct contact between the tools and workpieces, mitigating burrs and other imperfections. Little or no polishing is required post-production, which improves efficiency and cuts labor costs. 

EDM machining services work with extremely hard materials and exotic alloys, allowing the creation of complex shapes and designs of even the toughest materials— without any additional steps. 

The Industries Wire EDM Machining Services 

Some of the most demanding fields require EDM services because of their unparalleled capabilities— industries like the aerospace, military and medical that have no room for error, as the slightest miscalculation can lead to disastrous results.  

These industries and so many more rely on the accuracy and precision of wire EDM companies to produce parts that have tight tolerances and maintain their form and functionality in high-pressure situations. 

Work With One of the Top EDM Machining Companies 

American Wire EDM is an industry-leading EDM company in this highly specialized field. We offer both wire EDM machining and hole drilling services, utilizing highly-trained technicians coupled with state-of-the-art, CNC-operated production equipment. 

We offer one of the fastest, most accurate and efficient EDM machining services available for any industry, no matter how demanding the request. We consistently match dimensional specifications within ± 0.0001” when required. 

At every stage of the EDM process, our team is monitoring the quality of components to ensure that every part meets or exceeds expectations and perfectly matches our customers’ complex designs. 

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