Short-Run Metal Stamping Companies

The Businesses That Rely on Short-Run Metal Stamping Companies 

Short-run metal stamping companies are the unheralded providers to almost every technology-based business and industry imaginable. 

The precise, intricate parts produced in the short-run stamping process are used by the automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, electronics, and essentially any industry that requires high-volume, high-quality, reliable metal parts with a quick turnaround time. 

Here are just a few businesses that rely on short-run metal stamping services: 


The aerospace industry as a whole requires specific, durable parts, as the standards for safety are extremely high. One small mistake could lead to disastrous results, so even seemingly insignificant components must hold tight tolerances and meet strict quality standards. 

Prototype American Wire has serviced the aerospace industry, most notably producing parts that were instrumental in the creation of NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover. The complexity and resistance of the manufactured components enabled the successful production of the famous cosmic vehicle. 

U.S. Military 

Short-run stamping is also key in the production of military technology. Creating custom-designed parts with tight tolerances that meet strict defense contracting quality standards is an ability only the best short-run metal stamping companies possess. 

The technology and expertise available to produce parts and components from a range of metals, alloys and specialty materials offers a versatility unknown to traditional methods of metal stamping. These parts play a crucial role in the creation of high-tech military machinery. 

MedTech Manufacturers

As technology advances, the configuration tends to decrease in size— this is especially true in the medical industry. Portable, compact machines and tools are becoming the norm where larger, bulkier apparatus used to reign. 

Short-run stamping has adapted accordingly, with technologically-driven machines enabling a precise and automated metal stamping process to create even the most intricate parts. 

The Best Among Short-Run Metal Stamping Companies 

Prototype American Wire is an industry-leading short-run stamping company with more than 30 years of experience producing precision metal stampings and prototype parts. Our 20,000-square-foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines operated by technicians who are unsurpassed in skill and experience. 

We have the resources and experience to meet any demand— contact us to discuss your next project.



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