laser part marking

The Capabilities of Laser Part Marking

Once upon a time if you wanted to mark your part with a part number, serial number or logo, you had to ink stamp it, use a vibrating tool to crudely mark it or use a stencil and a little acid to etch the surface. All these processes were crude and sloppy, yielding mediocre results. 
Now you can take advantage of the power of computers mixed with laser technology to mark parts with astounding clarity and intricate detail.  Laser part marking is extremely clean, professional, and readable.  For over 15 years Prototype American Wire has been offering our customers laser marking services to make their job easier. 
No more sending parts out for marking once they’ve been created— when you work with us, the parts that arrive are ready for assembly and have full traceability if serialization is requested.

How Our Laser Part Marking Works

Picture a machine that marks parts at the speed of light and, depending upon the size of the part, can take on multiple parts at a time.  In our case, it’s very handy to have tool and die makers to design and build precision fixtures and gauges to accommodate parts of all material types, tempers, thicknesses and even coatings like anodizing and powder coating. 
Some parts are shaped in unusual ways, and you have to be very creative to be able to fixture and locate the part very precisely to be able to laser mark it exactly where it’s called out on the print.  The goal here is to always supply you with parts that are complete to print.  
Laser marking your metal parts like stampings and CNC parts has never been easier.  The operator creates a program in CAD software and the process begins.  Like anything, it’s tested for font, size, depth, power and speed to create a marking that you can be proud of— and is also very readable. 

Laser Part Marking with Prototype American Wire

Laser marking is your best option if you want clean, permanent and accurate markings. Whether you need to mark just one prototype or several thousand parts, we’re here to help. 
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