EDM machining

The History of EDM Machining

What is Wire EDM Machining?

The EDM machining process removes material by controlled erosion of the material by repetitive electric sparks between the work and tool submerged in a dielectric medium. 

Who Invented Wire EDM Machining?

Though the first wire-cut electrical discharge machines came online in the 1960s, the history of EDM actually dates back to the 18th century. In 1770, an English scientist, theologian, chemist, philosopher, and political theorist named Joseph Priestley made many discoveries; he is perhaps best known for discovering oxygen. However, he also discovered that electrical discharge could erode the metal.

Electrical discharges are a well-known effect in nature and are accompanied by a lot of physical phenomena, such as light, shock waves, electromagnetic radiation, high temperature, material transfer, and noise. Benjamin Priestley recognized in 1751 marks of material removal as “footprints” when electrical discharges take place between two electrodes. Josef Priestley described in 1766 the formation of ring-marks with discharges from “Leiden Jars”. Meritens started in 1881 the use of electrical discharges with material transfer for arc-welding purposes, but it took until years around World War 2 before electrical discharges were used for controlled metal removal operations.

Russian scientist Laxarenko studied the electric discharge for metal cutting application and developed a spark erosion machine in 1943. EDM machining processes have been in use since 1952. The heat energy is liberated by means of short-duration electrical impulses, with a well-controlled feeding of the electrode tool.

How is Wire EDM Used Today?

As time progressed, more and more manufacturers began to see the benefits of wire EDM technology. Today, wire EDM machines make it possible to manufacture delicate, intricate, and complex parts. EDM machines play a vital role in manufacturing processes for a broad range of industries, including electronic manufacturingmedical manufacturing, and aerospace manufacturing. EDM services are also essential for manufacturing precision military parts.

Precision wire EDM services make it possible to machine hard metals that traditional manufacturing methods simply cannot handle effectively. The technology that arose out of an experiment that took place in 1770 has evolved into a critical element of today’s manufacturing sector. 

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