Custom Metal Prototyping

The Industries That Rely On Custom Metal Prototyping

Creating solid prototypes offers a range of benefits for a business’s bottom line. Custom metal prototyping allows engineers to test their component designs for fit, form and function prior to full production. 

Prototyping enhances process efficiency, reduces inaccuracies, eliminates costly or dangerous mistakes and reveals weaknesses early, allowing for extended product life and full optimization of even the most intricate parts. 

Some of the most demanding industries require custom metal prototyping. Here are just a few that rely on these services: 


There’s no room for error in the aerospace industry— the slightest miscalculation can lead to disastrous results. It’s imperative to produce parts that meet or exceed the industry’s quality and dimensional manufacturing standards. 

Aerospace precision metal parts need to be able to withstand extreme pressure and fluctuating temperatures, while still being lightweight and versatile to keep fuel costs and aircraft weight at a minimum. 


Quality medical equipment can be the difference between life and death for a patient. Optimizing the advanced micro parts that go into medical machinery requires manufactured components with tight tolerances to meet industry standards. 

Metal prototyping services can produce advanced custom models to meet these elevated criteria and then manufacture perfect replicas once optimized.


The evolution of the electronics industry requires manufacturing companies to develop with it. High-tech electronic devices require precise dimensional requirements with tight tolerances— and these devices are constantly decreasing in size. 

With each new technological advancement, prototyping companies are compelled to create smaller parts without sacrificing quality or accuracy. 

Prototype-Shortrun Custom Metal Prototyping 

Prototype & Short-Run Services has manufactured intricate parts for the most demanding industries— in the early 2000s, our technical innovation and extreme precision fabrication capabilities were summoned to create parts and components for NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover

Along with the aerospace industry, we’ve serviced medical, military, commercial, electronics and many more. Our quality custom metal prototyping and stamping services offer flexible, advanced custom parts made from many alloys, metals and specialty materials to match your exact requirements. 

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