Wire EDM Machining Services

Parts That Can Be Made with Wire EDM Machining Services

Wire EDM machining services use state-of-the-art equipment to produce a variety of meticulous parts across a multitude of industries. Skilled technicians can work with any electrically conductive material to accurately create and reproduce precise parts with tight tolerances. 

But what technology derived from wire EDM services do we use in our everyday life? Here are a few: 

Automotive Parts 

The automotive industry prefers wire EDM cutting services to traditional methods, as it ensures accurate molding and drilling of even larger parts. The EDM process creates minimal residual stress on the materials, making them more durable and long-lasting— a quality the automotive industry values.

Medical and Dental Equipment  

Traditional production methods pale in comparison to wire EDM services, which is why the medical industry relies heavily on this technique. Medical equipment requires uniquely shaped, tiny and precise parts. Think about the hand tools that doctors and surgeons use— precision cuts are required in the manufacturing process to create straight and exact edges for this equipment to be effective in operations. 

Dental and orthodontic equipment also utilizes wire EDM services in manufacturing. Dental parts often need to function with the same exactness as medical technology. Wire EDM is often used for the tiny parts that make up braces. 

Aerospace Parts

Aerospace technology also relies heavily on wire EDM cutting services. The engine, fuel system, landing-gear components and other high-stress, high-temperature parts are manufactured using this method, because they can withstand the immense heat and pressure necessary to keep the technology in operation. 

Wire EDM Machining Services You Can Trust

Prototype American Wire offers unmatched quality and experience when it comes to producing a high quantity of precise, durable parts. In our 30 years of operation, we’ve produced superior parts and components in all of the aforementioned industries, along with military, electronics, manufacturing and other demanding fields. 

No project is too big and no part is too small— contact us to request a quote for your next project. 



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