EDM Machining

The Practicality of EDM Machining

Wire EDM or the true full name: wire electrical discharge machining. What the heck is that? A Star Wars weapon? A physics project?? NO, it’s not!

Where is EDM Machining Used?  

EDM machining is an amazing manufacturing technology that is used in all kinds of industries and companies for many applications.  BUT, who could possibly find a use for such a thing? Who would have thought that an electrical charge jumping from a precision brass wire could precisely cut shapes and fine details in any conductive material?

Well, how about the aerospace, medical, electronics industries, and even our amazing military! Why? Because wire EDM machines and the technicians who program, set them up and monitor them can make ultra-precision parts and put details in those parts like tiny or square holes and compound angles that even the best machinists wouldn’t want to tackle. 

Wire EDM Automation 

You can bet that computers are one of the key ingredients in this manufacturing equation. How better to tell a machine what to do than to create a precision computer software program that’s sole purpose is to make the perfect part for your application— whatever it may be. 

Everyday parts are made for the triggers and other parts in all types of guns, devices that hold wires and cables together so that there’s no unnecessary vibrating in airplanes and parts for medical devices that can’t be stamped and have very fine details like straight walls on the sides for a pristine finish.

How Can EDM Machining Help YOU? 

As long as the material is electrically conductive, wire EDM can assist you in making the perfect part. Need your component very hard or heat-treated? Then no problem, the operation in the machine couldn’t care less.  

So, bring on your most demanding applications and let us show you what we can do for you! Contact us today to get started.



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