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What Are Short-Run Metal Stamping Services?

What is short-run metal stamping anyway? Let’s start with metal stamping services first. If a company needs a metal part as part of their product or device, they probably don’t have the capabilities to produce them under their own roof. 

When Do You Need Short-Run Metal Stamping Services? 

A great deal of special machinery and equipment is required along with experienced tool and die makers and engineers. So unless a company has a lot of different parts and quantities that are needed, it doesn’t justify all of the capital equipment investment needed. And certainly not the hiring of all of the necessary personnel that it takes to produce short-run metal stampings.

So what is a company supposed to do? They find and work with a company that focuses on filling that need by having everything necessary to produce the short-run metal stampings that they require. 

Typical orders for short-run metal parts are in the 50 to 5,000 quantity range but can run into the hundreds of thousands and even millions over time. Usually, high quantities of metal parts require expensive progressive dies that can automatically run thousands of parts per day.

Metal Stamping Services for Specialized Parts

Dies that can cost anywhere from $ 25,000 to $200,000 are very typical.  But, what if the material required is so thin and delicate that a progressive die can’t be used? Well, again, this is where short-run metal stamping comes in.  

Stamping and forming parts one at a time might be the only solution. Special handling, heat treating, plating, cleaning and packaging are all very common capabilities for the handling of those delicate parts before they ship out the door.

Prototype & Short-Run Services Precision Metal Stampings  

For 32 years, we’ve been producing parts for everything from the Mars Rovers to medical devices to commercial aircraft to satellites and back. Every day we start work on new projects for companies that need our experience to get them the parts that they need.

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