CNC hole popping

What is a Hole Popper?

The benefits of using wire EDM manufacturing services have been proven across a multitude of diversified industries, including the aerospace, medical and military spaces.

What is a hole popper? A child’s toy? A fast food snack? A carpenter’s tool?

Nope to all of them. A Hole Popper is the first step for our EDM operators to begin the process of making parts, creating tools for toolmakers or helping other businesses like CNC shops put features in parts that can’t be conventionally machined. The great thing about EDM machines and the Hole Poppers that support them is that they don’t care about how hard and heat treated the material is.

Hole Popping Materials

This means that extremely hard and stress-relieved metals can be machined without the worry of tight-tolerance parts moving and not being straight or flat when finished.

CNC Hole Poppers

Our CNC Hole Poppers have to create a hole at every single point where the wire has to feed through to create the feature required on the print. The hole is created by a spinning precision diameter brass tube with an electric current under water. It can be done on a manual machine for some small or special one-off projects or on one of our CNC controlled machines. These CNC machines can be programmed to run hundreds of holes at a time if needed. Setting it all up and coming back the next day virtually finished parts or components is a nice feeling, especially when a customer is depending on us for a fast turnaround in an emergency situation.

The brass tubes come in many different diameters ranging from .002″ up to about .025″. Most of the time the holes are just starter holes for the EDM machines brass wire to be threaded through to create a feature in the part, but in some cases, it can be a finished hole for someone. An example would be an air or vent hole for a customer’s supplied part.

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