wire edm drilling

What is Wire EDM Drilling?

Wire EDM drilling or “EDM hole popping” is a method that uses thermal energy instead of mechanical force to drill intricate shapes without damaging the workpiece. 

This service is used across a variety of high-demand industries, because of its ability to produce complex parts and components with tight tolerances. Here’s how it works: 

How Does Wire EDM Drilling Work

EDM hole popping works under the same technical principles as wire EDM processing. An electrically charged metallic electrode tool (much like a drill bit) acts as the first electrode, while the workpiece serves as the second electrode— the electrical discharge between the workpiece and tool creates sparks that rapidly cut away material. 

The workpiece and tool make no physical contact, so no cutting forces are involved in the process. The tool and workpiece are then submerged in deionized water, flushing away debris and acting as a dielectric safety barrier. Hardness of the material is of no concern.

Practical Applications of Wire EDM Drilling Services 

Wire EDM allows materials to be worked with extreme precision, without the use of heat. Many metals are difficult or impossible to machine without heat— this can deform the workpiece, leading to waste and structural imperfections. EDM hole popping is quick, efficient and can be used on virtually any conductive or heat-treated metal material. 

Wire EDM Drilling services can be used to create:

  • Injection mold nozzles and parts 
  • Oil drain and coolant holes 
  • Turbine blades
  • Fuel injectors 

…and virtually any conductive metal material that requires drilling to create precise parts with tight tolerances. Advanced technology has enabled rapid production of parts with perfect repeatability— all without sacrificing quality. 

American Wire EDM Drilling Services

American Wire EDM has both the expertise and equipment to complete even the most challenging requests. We’ve serviced industries as demanding as the medical, aerospace and electronics, providing the highest quality parts available at competitive prices. 

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