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What is Wire EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire EDM | Electrical Discharge Machining


Whatever you call it – the process of removing metal in the extremely precise way that electrical discharge machining works is astounding by anyone’s standards.

If you understand how it works then maybe it might be the perfect answer for your application.  Our diversified customers mean a lot of tool and die work, i.e. punches, dies, punch holders, strippers, and male and female form tools.  Also, many CNC shops send in parts to us that they’re making for many secondary operations that we’re suited for like putting in precision lock wire holes at crazy angles or square holes with very tight radiuses in the corners or tiny little features that end mills can’t do.  These are features that historically had to be broached, but now can be put in very precisely without having to make a special tool that you might never need again and if an EDM machine is open then it can be done very quickly.

It all starts with a print and/or a CAD file provided by our customers 

We use a special CAD program called Espirit that interfaces with the EDM machines to create exacting programs for our operators to run the machines that make the parts to the customer’s exacting specifications.  Material, grade/alloy, temper, thickness, finish, shape, tolerances, etc. are all part of the equation to design and fixture the work piece very precisely to insure complete and total accuracy.  In many cases, the program can tell the machine exactly what to do and even auto-thread the wire from feature to feature while unattended.  This means that the machines can run overnight when the program is long and probably has a lot of holes.  Accuracy and timeliness are two of the most critical aspects of making customer parts.  

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