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What Metal Precision Stamping Services Are and How They’re Used

Precision metal stamping shops make use of custom industrial manufacturing  processes to transform metal sheet and strip into customizable, cost-effective parts with tight tolerances. Precision Metal Stampings are used in virtually every industry and continue to produce several advantages over options like laser or waterjet.


Advantages of Precision Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping is the perfect solution for high-volume production because the process is perfect for quick, accurate reproduction. As production levels increase, labor, material and outside processing costs decrease and can make it an extremely cost-effective, system for producing precision parts.


The process can be automated and can include custom value-added secondary services like in-die tapping or welding. There is a lower rate of error when you utilize metal precision stamping services, greatly reducing the rate of faulty or flawed parts once a precision tool is designed and created the parts remarkably consistent from part to part and from lot to lot.

How Precision Metal Stamping Services Are Used

Because of these advantages, precision metal stamping has been adopted across an increasing number of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, military, construction, commercial and many more.

Technicians, known as tool and die makers use skills experience and CAD software to create tools for punching and forming metal.

Precision metal stamping is commonly used for parts like brackets, springs, contacts, shims, hangers, electrical terminals, connectors, wire forms, bushings and clips and essentially any small metal parts can be made with this process. 

Getting Started

If you’re looking for high volume, efficient and accurate metal parts, Prototype & Short-Run Services specializes in custom metal stampings to meet your print requirements. We manufacture high-performance stamped metal parts using state-of-the-art equipment to produce complex metal parts for any industry.

Our skilled professionals have created unique parts for the aerospace, medical, commercial, electronics, military and many other industries. 

Request a quote today to get started with your next project. 



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