Wire EDM Manufacturers

What Wire EDM Manufacturers Can Do for Your Business

The contact-free method used by wire EDM machining services is renowned in the industry for its many advantages over traditional techniques. Wire EDM manufacturers can produce any intricate parts necessary for any industry, no matter how demanding the quality or quantity. 

Here’s how wire EDM machine shops can enhance functions within your business: 

Perfectly Precise Parts 

Because wire EDM machining services require no contact between the workpiece and tool, extremely hard materials can be cut or drilled easily with perfect precision. The technology behind the process allows wire EDM manufacturers to pre-program designs for perfect cuts— American Wire EDM can deliver parts with accuracy within ± 0.0001.” 

No matter how precise or unique your desired parts, wire EDM machine shops have the technology and experience to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. 

Efficient and Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Wire EDM machining services are computer-automated, allowing for rapid production of any part. Shorter lead and setup times enable a significantly faster process— all without sacrificing the aforementioned accuracy. 

These services require little to no post-production work, reducing labor costs and improving overall efficiency. Wire EDM manufacturers can produce any quantity of output through a computer-automated process, which reduces up-front costs for your business. The quality of the parts will ensure long-term savings. 

Work with Top Wire EDM Manufacturers 

Prototype American Wire is equipped with state-of-the-art machines operated by experienced technicians with unsurpassed skills. We’ve become leaders in this highly specialized field, with decades of experience producing high-quality precision parts at competitive prices. 

No matter how demanding the task, we have everything necessary to meet strict deadlines without sacrificing the quality of the parts we produce. We’ll monitor every stage of the EDM process, ensuring perfection with every part we produce for your business.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your next project. 



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