Wire EDM Manufacturing Services

What Wire EDM Manufacturing Services Can Do for You

The benefits of using wire EDM manufacturing services have been proven across a multitude of diversified industries, including the aerospace, medical and military spaces.

Wire EDM is a technique that’s been adopted to remove metal in an extremely precise manner.  When cutting metal, a fine wire passes through a machine, causing sparks from the electricity to act like a welding torch. Here are some of the benefits of turning to wire EDM manufacturing services:

Perfect Precision and Optimal Efficiency

When cutting small shapes or designs into small parts, precision is key— especially in industries where one small imperfection can reduce efficiency or create disastrous technical results. Wire EDM adds no stress to the workpiece, mitigating any cracks or deformation that can occur with other cutting methods.

Without wire EDM, heat treatment is sometimes required to soften the metal to cut and then re-harden after. This can cause deformity in the metals, resulting in potentially adverse results to the parts. Wire EDM requires no heat treatment and protects against any abnormality in any metal product.

When you turn to wire EDM manufacturing services for your products, your parts require less lead time and setup time because the process is so accurate, increasing efficiency on both ends.

Mass Manufacturing with Perfect Accuracy

American Wire EDM provides first-class wire EDM machining services, producing precision parts that match the dimensional tolerances of your designs within ± 0.0001. Our state-of-the-art wire EDM machining equipment and advanced programming allows the most intricate parts to be created with perfect accuracy and repeatability.

Whether you’re looking for prototypes, short production runs or quantities in the tens of thousands, turning to a business that offers wire EDM manufacturing services will optimize your company’s products and increase efficiency across the board.

The Big Picture

Some things go together and make the whole picture a great deal better than just the sum of their parts.  What would metal stampings be without Wire EDM? What would Wire EDM be without EDM Hole Poppers? What would tool makers be doing without Wire EDM? It’s hard to imagine what they did in the old days before computers revolutionized manufacturing for all of us. 
Now we can program the controlling software to cut any conductive metals into shapes and forms for customers and hold tolerances that truly boggle the mind. It would have been considered science fiction to tool and die makers back in the ’60s to know that sometime in the future machines would be cutting extremely hard materials to perfection with a small electrical charge jumping across water!
Wire EDM and Wire EDM processes are used every day to make metal stamping parts for all kinds of customers. Parts can be designed and needed that are so special for their end-use in an application that conventional metal stamping tools aren’t even precise enough. 
Applications for space, weapons, and medical and electronic devices can require virtually perfect features like straight walls on the edges of the parts with no die break.  Our programmers and machine operators have the talent and experience to design and set up custom and universal fixtures and holders to produce parts with tolerances that defy imagination. Even inspecting these parts with the tolerances required can be a challenge with state-of-the-art machines that go out to five decimal places.  Our investment in state-of-the-art machinery is really an investment in our customer’s needs and future.
We’re confident that whatever you throw at us can be produced to your exacting dimensions, so contact us and we’ll show you what great technicians can accomplish with the right software, machines and experience.



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