Metal Stamping Services

Why Choose Prototype and Short-Run Metal Stamping Services?

Why would anyone contact Prototype and Short-Run Services for metal stamping services and prototypes? The real question is: why would anyone go anywhere else?

Proven Metal Stamping Services 

For 32 years we have been the go-to source for parts that engineers need to test and prototype for their new projects. Whether it’s a jet, a medical device, instrumentation or a new connector, we have been assisting purchasing agents and their engineering departments solve the problem of where do you go for precision parts from a brand new print or file. 

Every type of material you can think of, from all metals and tempers to plastics and composites, we have pretty much seen it all.  Brackets, clips, springs, gaskets, shims, and anything else that can be put on a print or created in a CAD file have been manufactured at our facility by our tool and die makers and our press operators.  

Experience that Expedites the Process 

All of our experiences with those thousands of parts down through the years allow us to draw upon those experiences to help us be creative and efficient with new projects. There’s not much that we haven’t seen before, and in many cases, the universal tooling that we’ve created can be used to make custom parts faster and more efficiently by not having to make new tools.  

Customer-Driven Metal Stamping Services 

Our focus is our customers, and whether they’re trying to purchase parts or create them, we strive to meet their goals by making parts that are complete to print and ready to assemble. We realize that it’s not just parts, but overall quality and meeting the print requirements— and doing our best to get them to you as soon as possible.  

Manufacturing is always a challenge and relies on many steps both inside and outside our shop. Please give our metal stamping services an opportunity to support your efforts to support you! Request a quote today. 



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