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Wire EDM. What Does it Mean | Especially to You ?

Where Was Wire EDM Invented?

This technology was invented in Russia many years ago and revolutionized metal working in many ways.  The machines keep getting better and better with capabilities and can be programmed and set up to perform amazing feats every day of the week. Wire EDM machines are asked to  hold tolerances that years ago would have been impossible or taken days and days or even weeks to finish. Believe it or not,  EDM machines are able to automatically thread brass wire from hole to hole and feature to feature. This means that with the right part, tool or stack of parts, the machines can run unattended at night or even over a weekend. This means that orders can be run very fast and, in many cases, be expedited when needed.

Wire EDM Software

A special software program called Espirit is used every day by our programmers to send commands directly to the machines. Our EDM machine operator specialists know how to set up their tools and customer parts in their machines to make sure that the end result meets all the tolerances and customer requirements. We have a dedicated room that is temperature-controlled year round to help insure excellent stability in parts. This means that we take our customer’s tolerances very seriously. Having to hold + or – .0001″ in many instances is always a challenge, but with our state-of-the-art machinery and experienced operators we’re confident that we will exceed our customer’s expectations. 

How Does the Wire EDM Process Work?

A specially made tight-tolerance brass wire is used to carry spark across the water that virtually vaporizes the metal work piece. As long as the material is conductive then EDM can machine you part to your print requirements. Following a computer program designed by our guys we can produce parts that will take your breath away!

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